Friday, 21 December 2012

Truth Rising

As shift and transition continue to filter their way into the collective consciousness, it is hard to deny the intensity and the spiritual/emotional extremes. As we become increasingly more at One with ourselves and our Divinity, there is a sense that we are opening up to consciously merging with the Whole in order to find the stillness within. Shift creates movement on many levels, and as we look through the window into our lives, it is hard not to miss the earth rumbling, the volcanoes bubbling, the rocks metamorphosing, the ocean currents twisting and turning, and the mountains rising up from the earth with silent majesty and beauty. Yet, despite this shift, it is the stillness that shines through brighter than anything else, for it is the stillness that lies at the heart of everything.

As we stand and try to make sense of our lives, our paths and the universe, it is easy to feel very small and insignificant as we try to work out how we ‘fit’ into the scheme of things. Although intuitively we may sense that we have a ‘bigger role’ to fulfil and explore in life, it can be hard to gain a clearer sense of this when so much is happening on so many different levels. Yet, it is the knowing of this ‘bigger role’ that inspires us to keep on keeping on, even when the going gets tough.

It is as though we are standing on a bridge at the moment, and the bridge spans the conscious with the unconscious, the darkness with the light and the macrocosm with the microcosm. We are standing in-betwixt the two and this creates the feelings of confusion and discombobulation as we struggle to make sense of what we are experiencing and sensing. However, trying to make sense of the unknowable is like pushing against the currents of life, for until we are ready to make sense of what we see, we cannot make sense of it. 

This somewhat frustrating realisation doesn’t soothe the mind, but it can help us to let go of the need to keep chasing ‘awakening’ and realisation. Once we let go and step more consciously into the flow knowing that, whilst it doesn’t really make sense, it intuitively feels right, we can begin to open up our minds, bodies and souls to becoming One with the Universal Whole; at this point, the bridge stops spanning two polarities and instead merges together into a more fluid Whole. Even though we may not fully understand this ‘Whole’, intuitively it feels right to stop resisting and struggling.

For so many souls, this is a confusing, inspirational, overwhelming, fragmented, unifying and empowering time. With so many mixed and extreme emotions and experiences, it is understandable that some feel more alone than ever before. At the same time, we can feel like we are endlessly treading water, trying to stay afloat but feeling like we are expending all of our energy keeping our heads above water and staying in the same spot. Yet, the currents are shifting even when we don’t sense them, and our perseverance to remain still is beginning to reap reward now as we can see, in the distance, a new destination. 

This new destination feels like ‘home’ on so many levels, and even though, the details may not, as yet, be clear, in the stillness we can sense that we are moving in the right direction. When in the stillness, the power of our intent is growing as we re-connect to Truth and open up to the magnificent wonder of what lies ahead. Whilst this is not to say that the path ahead will be easy and paved with gold, in many ways, this is all a matter of perspective, for the more we expect challenge, the more we seem to face. 

Treading water may feel like a pointless exercise, but when we step back and see the bigger picture, we realise that we are simply preparing ourselves for the journey ahead. We can sense the anticipation and the tingling skin as we become One with the change and open up to living the best lives possible. 

Standing in the centre of such a tumultuous maelstrom of energies and shift, there are times when we feel isolated, alone and confused. But, at the same time, there is a growing sense of connection and unification as we open up to ‘the bigger picture’. This is a time to stand strong and to open up to the strength and courage within as we realise our true strengths, gifts and dreams. Truth is now leading the way to Self, for Truth is the force shaping and defining us on all levels of consciousness and awareness. We can choose to turn away from Truth, but this is a time to face our fears and to lean into the discomfort in order to fully illuminate All that we Are. Truth brings us an awareness of our Selves and a connection to our true power and presence. 

As Truth continues to rise up from the depths of the soul, it is important to focus on the stillness, for if we become lost in the fast flowing currents, we can become disconnected once again. In many ways this is a time to batten down the hatches within in order to connect to the stillness and the quiet. As we surround ourselves in tranquillity and gentle peacefulness; stillness and serenity, the howling winds and the shifting currents become less disturbing as we re-centre and become Whole...  

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Sticking Point

Owning our power, embracing our gifts and opening up to our Truth are all amazing and wonderful buzz phrases that encompass our quest for becoming Whole and for living the best life possible. Yet, when we stop and ponder these words, how many of us can say, hand on heart, that we are completely open to them and hold up no resistance to what they imply in our lives?
There is an inevitable sticking point for so many when it comes to 'personal power' and personal majesty and mastery, for there is a thin line between ego and humility. So many find it hard to embrace their power because they fear they are being 'big-headed' by doing so. However, this kind of misses the point, for true power is not about ego, and those that get lost in the ego or on power trips have not mastered their power, but have become consumed by fear.
True power is about honouring the Self and one's true state of Being; as sparks of the Divine, we are Divine and we are magnificent. These words are not based in ego, but they imply a resonance with Truth and an at-Oneness with both the Self and the Divine. When we open up to our power, we step beyond the ego and the need to chase dreams or fight the currents, for we become conscious in the present moment, and in that moment we feel Whole and complete.
This is not to say that we will stop aspiring to make our dreams a reality, but the dynamics shift as we stop chasing those rainbows and instead allow ourselves to become fully aware and awake in the moment; we become the rainbow. This takes courage and it takes faith, for it means letting go of our tendency to remain focused on the future and on what may, or may not, evolve or develop. At the same time, we let go of the past controlling our present; whilst it has inevitably shaped and moulded us and our lives, it no longer defines us, for it is behind us, not with us. In the present moment, we stop depleting ourselves by trying to be everything and do everything, and instead we open up to our Divinity and feel Whole exactly as we are.
It can be hard though to truly resonate with living consciously, for it can feel separate from the daily grind of life; yet when we have the courage to merge conscious living with life, we realise that there is no separateness, we create walls and boundaries in order to rationalise and handle our fears or angst.
As the waves of change and shift continue to lap the shores of the soul, it seems clear that in order to truly embrace our power and our gifts, and to allow Truth to flow, we need to awaken now and open up to our true and magnificent Divinity. Feel this, don't think it. Become it; live it...

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hidden Treasures

As the pace of awakening quickens, there is a growing feeling of pressure to go within to force open closed doors and expose hidden treasures. There is a feeling of impatience to get from where we are now to where we want to be, for the 'in-between' stage feels arduous, overwhelming and confusing. Yet, we are in this stage for a reason, so is forcing the process really the best choice?

Whilst we are keen to fully awaken and evolve, sometimes we need to trust the path of evolution and accept that forcing the process can set us back rather than enhance the process. Of course, we are keen to be liberated and free, but we need to trust our intuition to let us know when the time comes to act.

It we continue to push and prod, we could end up creating fractures within that serve no real purpose other than to make life feel more incongruent and imbalanced. Whilst inner healing and soul-level cleansing is good, we can become so focused on this that we forget to get on with life at the same time.

The emotions are a wonderful part of life, for they are joy, passion and happiness; but they can also be challenging and arduous in the form of anger, fear, grief and sadness. Whilst our emotions play a lead role in our lives, it is important to remember that we are not our emotions; if we become consumed by emotion (positive or otherwise), we run the risk of becoming intoxicated by it and, in time, we become that emotion. If we become an emotion, it begins to take hold as it controls our thoughts, actions and choices in life. When an emotion takes over, we can begin to live out certain storylines or fears in repeating cycles and patterns, and we can slowly lose sight of our Truth and essence.

Yet, whilst we are not our emotions, they bring life context and depth, but we are so much more than this. It is so easy to become enslaved by the power and force of emotions from both ends of the spectrum, for they have strength and energy, but unless we step back from being consumed by feelings, then we run the risk of losing ourselves completely. Whilst standing in Truth is never easy, it is essential so that we can see emotions as transient, and rather than becoming consumed by them, we can allow them to ebb and flow like the tide. It is only when we stand true and become conscious and mindful of our emotional comings and goings that we can begin to re-centre and re-balance.

When our emotions take centre stage and begin to take hold, our thoughts, choices and actions in life can become shaped by the emotion in control. This takes us further away from Truth and further away from Self, for we are not centred if a particular emotion is ruling the roost. Of course, it is easy to say 'be mindful and observe the emotions', but somewhat harder to maintain such a stance, for life can be tough! Yet, with practice and dedication, perseverance and faith, it is possible to find a path to Truth that enables us to experience the richness of emotions but without allowing them to take over.

There can be no denying the importance of emotional richness, and the significance of the emotions shouldn't be down-graded, but it is important to find a context and realise that without balance, it is all too easy to become lost as the path to joy comes from living consciously and living in Truth.

So forcing or fracking* the emotions to the surface, whilst cathartic, can ultimately lead to imbalance, for creating fractures can lead to a feeling of disconnection rather than a feeling of connection and Wholeness. Going within, illuminating the inner world and forcing it out into the light can help us to break free from pain and patterns, but unless it is done with love and strength, the process feels forceful and almost violent.

It therefore seems important to find a balance between living, inner work and the emotions, in order to live the best life possible. Whilst there will inevitably be days when the emotions stand strong; with dedication and mindfulness, it is possible to reach a stage of awakened awareness where we stand in Truth, feel the richness of the emotions and remain centred at all times...

*Fracking is a process used by oil companies to inject high pressure into the earth in order to extract gas or other substances for commercial gain.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Over Should-ing The Self

Embracing the path to Self and living consciously are both central missions on the pathway of life; they twist and turn around one another, for to have one, opens the doorway to the other, and vice versa. Yet, whilst we can feel a connection to both of these, it is somewhat harder to become ‘one’ with them.

Being human tends to complicate matters, for we seek out understanding, and, at the same time, we can become overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Responsibilities, should’s and ought’s can take hold and these can sap the passion and zest from even the most inspirational of souls, for they feel heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy. Of course, this is perception, for if we perceive them to be cumbersome and heavy, then this is what they become! 

But life is not as simple as simply shifting perspective, for most of us cannot completely extricate ourselves from the world of duty, and, as we struggle to balance this with embracing Self, living consciously and fully awakening spiritually, we can become a tad overwhelmed with it all. As a result, we can then begin to sink into feeling the duty even more heavily, and, after time, it begins to take over. We can become lost in a maze of duties, responsibilities and ‘should’s, and we can begin to feel totally disempowered as we spiral further away from Self, spirit and balance. 

When lost, the duties and ‘should’s’ become even bigger and even heavier and we can begin to lose sight of the joy of life. We can become stuck in a cycle of ‘over should-ing the Self’, placing more and more pressure on our shoulders, and then placing even more pressure on top of that as we struggle to regain centre and balance. We think that by getting on top of life’s ‘to do’ list of duties, and meeting all of our growing list of expectations and demands, that we will come to a natural clearing where we can once again re-group and step back into the blissful world of living consciously. Whilst, this is not beyond the realms of possibility, it is perhaps beyond the realms of probability, for the more we become consumed by the tangle of ‘should’s’, the more disconnected from Self we become. 

Duty is a part of life; we all have obligations to meet and roles to fulfil, but it is important to pause every so often in order to ponder the Truth of such duties. Sometimes we can become so lost in trying to keep all the batons up in the air that we lose sight of the reasons for juggling in the first place. Quite often, we get lost in the habit of juggling and keep on simply because we always have. Therefore it seems important to stop and pause in order to regain perspective, for unless we can be honest with ourselves, how can we move beyond to a place of balance, conscious living and harmony with Self?

Such a transformation involves moving beyond the layers of duty and the tangles of ‘should’s’ in order to find a clearer path. Whilst it is unrealistic to simply walk away from these, there is a need to understand our motivations for having them in our lives. If they remain through habit, fear or as a distraction, then perhaps it is time to acknowledge this in order to move forward? If they remain because they have to, then perhaps it is time to shift the perspective from one of heaviness to one of joy, for if we take on duty with joy, the energy shifts, and becomes lighter somehow. 

Undoubtedly, there are some ‘should’s’ and ought’s that we cling on to in life because they keep us in our comfort zones; we are reluctant to let them go for they shape and define our lives. Yet, do they enhance our lives or do they diminish? Is ‘comfortable’ always in our best interests? 

This is a time to go within with honesty in order to move beyond ‘over should-ing’ and the heaviness. It is time to step beyond the cumbersome nature of duties in order to embrace life more fully and openly. And, it is time to have the courage to let go...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sticking Plasters

As we continue on our personal and collective quests for enlightenment, it seems that some are beginning to see life from a fresh perspective. Whilst so many continue to look for external fixes and solutions to life’s problems, there are those who have realised that enlightenment and bliss cannot be found outside; it can only be found within.

Of course, the trappings of modern life, from a nice house, a nice car, money in the bank, the perfect job, the perfect partner etc., can all make life feel more bearable, but it is how we feel within that truly counts. This is not to say that we shouldn’t have all of these external things though, for life should be enjoyable and comfortable, but it is important to realise that none of these will ultimately bring us the inner abundance and enrichment that we truly seek.

Whilst we all have our own personal agendas when it comes to enlightenment, bliss and the fulfilment of our dreams (after all, we are all unique), there are still common threads that bind our paths together. These threads are part of our spiritual and energetic tool kit and include awareness, knowledge, conscious living and inner stillness. We all have access to these (albeit these take practice and perseverance), but many choose not to embrace them or utilise them in life.

Sometimes it is all too easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel chasing external dreams and spending life trying to ‘get’ happiness and success, fulfilment and peace. It is only when we are brave enough to step off the hamster wheel (even for just a short while), that we begin to realise that ‘having it all’ (money, house, car etc.) doesn’t really mean anything in the scheme of things.

In the world, money, status and power are the dynamics of modern life and they shape and determine so much. We need money to survive, and we all have duties and responsibilities from bills to family to a myriad of other things as well. Yet, when we become trapped in this external cycle of chasing ‘stuff’ and quick fixes, we slowly distance ourselves from our inner worlds and lose sight of our inner treasures.

Our natural state of being is not one of constantly chasing the horizon, trying to get; whilst we will always strive to do more and be more (for that is part of being human), our natural state of being is living a more balanced life where we are fully connected to the world within. From such a space, we no longer need to chase happiness or success, money or status; for we become our own creators, and our thoughts, intentions and beliefs begin to shape all aspects of our lives.

We are all too familiar with the law of attraction and the power of thoughts, but so many of us quickly dismiss this as ‘pie in the sky’ and inapplicable in the ‘real world’. And yet, we are all energy, everything is energy, and everything is interconnected as energy, so why is it so hard to see that our thoughts can shape so much? Sometimes, we have to extricate ourselves from the intoxication of chasing ‘stuff’ and external fixes and go within in order to find the answers.

Once again, there is nothing wrong with ‘stuff’ or money etc., for this makes the wheels go round in life (and it makes life rather pleasant in many ways), but we get lost when we make this the focus of life. If we see money and ‘stuff’ as the path to happiness, then we soon feel the emptiness inside when we realise that it cannot bring us the warmth that we seek within. Nothing or no one external to ourselves can bring us that warmth; we might touch happiness, but it doesn’t last, it cannot, until we are truly happy within.

Finding peace and happiness within is not an easy path, for it means unpeeling the layers of conditioning, facing residual pain and emotions from the past, and opening up our hearts and souls to Truth and love (being vulnerable, facing fear and taking a chance on life). None of this is easy, and it is understandable why so many choose the sticking plasters of external fixes to soothe the way, but it seems that stepping fully and consciously within is the true path to Self and perhaps the only path to enlightenment...

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

As the sacred dance of the Cosmos continues to intensify, we are now entering a propitious and auspicious time; a time of great shift both within and without, and each of us can feel the intensity of the changing tides and the shifting currents. Whilst we may feel a little tossed around by the seas of life, at the same time we are finding an anchor within and this anchor is a stronger sense of Self and an emerging Spirit filled with passion, bliss and love. 

The journey within and the journey without are part of the same Whole, but they are often seen as two separate pieces of the same puzzle of life. As a result, we can so often get lost in the maze of things ‘to do’ and focus so hard on trying to get something, be something or do something, that we forget to live in the moment and embrace the true magnificence of our essence. In short, we get so wrapped up on doing and getting, that we forget to be and to live...

At the same time, how we tend and nurture our inner world plays a key role in the reality that we create, for it is so easy to be self-critical and self-judgemental when in a space of ‘getting and wanting’ rather than ‘being’. Negative and restrictive thoughts can consume and run rampant, and like ivy growing over an old building, they can slowly and insidiously choke the life-force away. In time, they take over and overwhelm as reality becomes shaped by them and our lives become twisted and squeezed by them. At this stage, the skies become grey and it can be hard to see even a glimpse of the sun shining beyond. 

Yet, all is not lost. Simply because we  have taken a ‘wrong’ turning (if there is such a thing), it is not too late to create change and to shift from the space of ‘getting’ to a place of being and creating; this shift is important for, by definition, ‘getting’ creates lack, for one is always ‘getting’, but by being and creating, there is nothing to go ‘get’ as it already ‘is’. At the same time, by lovingly tending the garden within and planting some seeds of nourishment, love and life-affirming positivity, then we can reclaim the full potency of our life-force and re-connect to the joy that life can offer. 

Of course, when life is tough it is hard to find joy, for the thoughts, live ivy, squeezes and restrict, but joy is there, and, like the sun that always shines, when we look a little closer, we realise that the clouds of life are simply obscuring the view. So, when we feel weighed down by seeking out external fixes to create happiness or when we feel overwhelmed by the mountain of life still to climb, if we open up our hearts and reclaim the joy that always shines, we realise that we are our own Creators.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Perfection of Imperfection

How we choose to see the rich and vibrant tapestry of life often shapes the paths we follow and the choices we make. It is all too easy to get stuck and pre-occupied by that one slipped stitch that looks out of place, but when we take a step back, this slipped stitch is lost in the amazing and awe-inspiring beauty of the tapestry before us. Of course, we know the slipped stitch is there, but does that one mistake truly have to shape the rest of our lives? Whilst we may want the tapestry to be perfect, life rarely happens that way, and it is the slipped stitches, the pot holes and wrong turns that ultimately make life more interesting and rewarding!

If we take a moment to step back to see the full tapestry of life, it can help us to reconnect to our vision of life. We all have a vision, however big or small. We all have a purpose; a dream. It is this vision that gives our lives meaning, it fills us with hope and fuels the inner fires within. Whilst we may not be ‘living our vision’, the more connected to it we are, the more life and energy we give it, giving it more room to grow and blossom into reality. A life with vision has more energy and purpose, for having no vision feels empty and hollow; when we embrace our vision, we enrich the world.

It is never too late to have a dream or a vision; it is never too late to embrace it and bring it to life. If you have the courage to keep moving forward, then know that you are creating the perfect environment to manifest your dream into being.  Your vision is already within you; just make it conscious, give it life and breath, and you are a step closer to making it real.

Even when life is challenging, our vision can give us hope and inspiration which can create the momentum to thrust us past fear or doubt. Our vision brings us hope and it enables us to see the full tapestry of possibilities rather than that single slipped stitch. We all make ‘mistakes’, for that is part of being human. Every choice we make though is part of the process of life; mistakes make us wise and help us to know ourselves even more. Who’s to say that the slipped stitch might, in the end, be the icing on the cake of perfection in the finished masterpiece? We can give that mistake power by letting the frustration get the better of it, or we can accept that it’s done, and what matters next is what happens next!

So, by focusing on the power of our vision, we can move beyond that slipped stitch and reconnect to the full power of what life has to offer us. Of course, visions take work, energy and time, and we need to be prepared to make an effort, but first we need to honour the courage within which allows us to have that vision in the first place for it is this courage that will ultimately see us stepping into unknown territory towards pastures new.

Courage sees us accept that slipped stitch and putting it down to experience. Courage sees us propel past doubt and fear (for these can destroy the vision), even when the going has been tough. And courage sees us embrace our vision with an open heart as we know that when we truly believe, we can make things happen. Visions need passion and energy to fire them up and give them life, and this comes from courage.

So, when that slipped stitch comes to your attention again, know that it has made you who you are today. There is no such thing as a ‘wrong choice’ just a different choice, and it is where you are in the present moment that matters most...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Power of You

As we continue to ride the waves of shift and change, it can become all too easy to forget to tend the garden within. Life can become so frantic, that we don’t find the time to do a little weeding or to plant some new seeds to cultivate. Such inner ‘housework’ can feel secondary to the demands of daily life, and yet it is this inner work that shapes and defines what happens next!

Life is one vast mirror, and what happens within is often reflected in our external lives. We see patterns repeat and cycles continue, and it is only when we look within that we can see that we hold the key to affecting change and creating new and positive life affirming cycles. Of course, sometimes things happen in life that go beyond this reasoning, but on the whole when we look within we can find the answers to the puzzles and the conundrums that we find ourselves in.

Much has been written on the Law of Attraction, the power of thought, and when life is going well it is so easy to tap into this and go with the flow. Yet, when life is not so good, it can be hard to ride the wave of positive thinking, for it feels hollow and meaningless. After all, how can we positively state that life is wonderful when it isn’t?

Yet, until we shift our thoughts, we cannot break the cycle, so we can find ourselves hopelessly lost in confusing statements and thoughts that demonstrate our desire to change, but stuck in the reality that life isn’t going our way. What’s the answer?

Well, positive thinking is important, but thoughts without energy, feeling or passion are not enough. Sometimes, we have to muster up the passion and give our thinking energy and movement, power and shape in order to create shift. This is far from easy, but it is possible. It is akin to an athlete in training not only seeing themselves win, but feeling it too. Head and heart need to work together, one without the other just doesn’t work.

So, when we stop and think about re-shaping our thoughts and creating those all important affirmations, intentions and prayers, we need to move beyond the thought and connect to the energy as well. The more energy and emotion, passion and power we can inject, the more we can begin to create positive change. Of course, this is still so hard when life sucks, but little by little, we can begin to see little flecks of light entering an otherwise dark day, and the more we embrace this light, the more we begin to see.

Changing our perspective matters, for we need to see that glass as half full, and give thanks and blessings for that half a glass. We might want a full glass and we might be sad that it is half empty, but we need to celebrate the half that we do have, for this feeds to power of intent and feeds the energy of creation. So, even when life is tough, if we can tend the gardens within, celebrate the little things, and feed the passion and emotion of our intentions, then we can become the masters or mistresses of our own destiny and begin to create our very own Heaven on Earth...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Matter of Perspective...

Truth is a powerful word; it has a special energy and form that is whole and complete in itself; the energy of the word shapes its reality.

Standing in Truth, living Truth etc are all popular phrases now as we continue the journey of re-awakening. Truth has many meanings from ‘being true’, to ‘sincerity in action or character’, to ‘faithfulness and sincerity combined with reality’. Yet, when we think about standing in Truth, we immediately gain a sense of the essence of what is meant, for we connect to the power of the words; to their true meaning.

The true power of words is often overlooked, yet if we begin to consciously connect to the power of words, we can begin to see just how each word we speak or think creates our reality. We all know that our thoughts shape our lives, but why? The energy of the words we use creates two pathways: one of openness, growth and positivity, or one of closed-ness, restriction and negativity. Of course, we rarely consciously choose to embrace the latter, but how often do we find ourselves either thinking or speaking in a way that is not nourishing or nurturing for either ourselves or others?

If we think of words in terms of the Butterfly Effect, we can begin to gain a truer sense of the bigger picture. Words or thoughts spoken can carry their power far and wide leaving a lasting legacy. Therefore we need to be more aware of words in order to work with them in more positive ways in life. Think positive affirmations, law of attraction etc. but take this a step further to not only thinking or speaking the words, but connecting to their energy and power as well. Feel the words, be the energy.

When we embrace the full power of words we can begin to see how we can change our own thoughts and dialogues (both with ourselves and with others) in order to re-shape our lives in more positive and life affirming ways. Therefore, when we now think of Truth, we can know that we are doing all that we can to live Truth and to live a rich, blissful and wonderful life...

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Sound of Silence

Twenty-first century life is frenetic, chaotic and full of hustle and bustle. It can be so hard to find truly ‘quiet moments’ without the mobile (cell) phone buzzing, an email pinging into the inbox, things to buy, people to meet, work to do, life to live and jobs to complete! It is all too easy to become caught up in the cycle of busy-ness that seems to encapsulate living in the modern world. Once caught up, we can become prisoners of our own making, for we just have to keep on keeping on, so we can keep on keeping on!

We have become finger snappingly demanding, expecting things to happen instantaneously so we can keep on keeping on. An email that takes a whole day to be answered now feels like we are being ignored, or a vibrating mobile phone just ‘has’ to be answered even if we are trying to rest, eat or live life. We may prefer to text rather than use our voices as it involves less ‘energy’ and time, and it makes sharing difficult things appear easier to handle.

Yet, on so many levels we are seeking quiet, peace and tranquillity, we want a simpler but more fulfilling life; a life where all of our needs are met. But with the chaos all around, it is so hard to find even a gap between it all in order to rest, reflect and re-focus.

Of course, the more we buy into the chaos, the more it consumes and controls us. For once we do take a step back, we realise just how easy it is to get carried along by the currents that consume so many around us; we lose ourselves, and begin to accept the expectations of the many. We join the finger snapping club and don’t even question it.

However, there comes a time when we realise that we have a choice; we sense that living in a chaotic and frenetic world does not have to be the only way. Whilst the world has unquestionably become smaller with the use of technology, and we can feel blessed that we can connect with others from across the globe, there is a need for balance; and this balance comes from the sound of silence.

If we take a moment to connect to the silence; to step into the gap between the noise and the fast pace of life, we can begin to find a deeper and a truer sense of direction, purpose and knowing; for it is the silence that helps us to connect to the fullness of our Divinity and to the fullness of our potential.

So, where can we find this silence? It is hidden in the early morning mists in the hollow valley, and it is tucked away at the heart of the forest where we hear the breath of the trees. The silence is carried along in the breeze on a long hot summer’s day, and it is floating on the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline. The silence can be found in the still calm of the ocean before the storm comes, and it can be felt in the air on the peak of the mountain. The silence can even be found in the birdsong in the city park and in the lull in coffee shop chatter. The silence is everywhere, and it is all around us, all we need to do is look.

It is in the silence that the answers come and where we can begin to reconnect to our Truth, purpose and essence. The frenetic world no longer defines us, and even though we are still very much a conscious part of the world, we are no longer driven by chaos and finger-snapping, table tapping expectation. Instead, we are more balanced and at One with both ourselves, the world and the Universe...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Gift

What would you do if you were given an extra day, 24 whole hours? Would you carry on without even noticing? Would you even consider an extra day as a gift? Or would you take the time to contemplate the chance to make the most of this opportunity?

February 29th, happens every four years. We know it is coming, but so often we forget about it and just keep on keeping on with life: with chores, and with the routine that we find ourselves in, day in, day out. Yet, why not make this February 29th a little different? Why not take out even a little time to go within and to re-connect to your true essence and to your true sense of Self? Why not use the gift of this day to do something different or to re-affirm your true goals and dreams to the Universe?

So often we become lost in the somewhat chaotic ebb and flow of life, and we lose touch of the magic all around us. Life does not have to be mundane, and whilst there are always bills to pay and jobs to do, we can still inject some sparkle and ‘va-va voom’ into life.

In some ways, this is all a matter of perspective, for if we see life as a precious gift to value, celebrate and honour, then an extra day feels wonderful and amazing. Yet if we get lost in the humdrum of life (and who doesn’t?), it is easy to feel overwhelmed with burden and responsibility, and never truly feel the joy or bliss of what life has to offer.

With the pace of change and awakening speeding up, it seems clear that the more aware we become, the more we can live consciously and mindfully in the present moment with joy in our hearts and a true sense of life, energy and interconnectivity.

Perhaps this year, we should be mindful of February 29th and every other day as a gift. Life is precious, but we so often take it for granted. We can never know what is around the next corner, so embracing the moment can be so important. A life of regrets and ‘what if’s’ is not a life any of us would wish to live...

When we begin to see life as a gift, our perspective shifts and we see just how important embracing our full potential actually is. Life is not a rehearsal, nor can we put it ‘on hold’ until the perfect set of circumstances arrive (for they may never come).

So, this February 29th can be a day to remember, how you choose to spend it is up to you...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Jewel Within

In the coal mines of life, each of us is looking for a diamond. The journey to this diamond may be dark, dirty and challenging, but the lure to find that sparkling jewel is driven by the realisation that this jewel is our true essence.

Metaphors aside, so many of us spend so long seeking ‘the answer’ or ‘the solution’ to life; that one part of the puzzle that slots in and brings everything together perfectly. Yet, when we do this, we run the risk of losing sight of the present as we become focused solely on the end goal of finding the diamond. To aspire is human, but in many ways it is the journey to the diamond that is the most significant, for once we reach the diamond, where do we go from there?

Of course, much of this depends on what the diamond means to us as individuals. Could it be our Nirvana? Or could it be the answer to a life challenge? Many of us have got stuck in the latter, for we see little hurdles to overcome before we can move forward. Hurdles such as: ‘Once I have found that special someone’, ‘Once I have lost weight’, ‘Once I have found the right job’, ‘Once...well, you get the drift!’. This is part of being human, but this strategy denies us from accessing our diamond as we place limits on how far we will go until our challenge has been overcome.

Yet, once we start placing conditions on life, we become trapped in a cycle of more conditions. Once we have lost weight, we then might focus on finding the right job etc. At what point do we step off the merry-go round and say ‘Stop!’? Well, that is a personal decision, but if we spend our lives waiting for the perfect moment to get that diamond, then we could have a long wait. Sometimes, we have to have the courage of our convictions, and realise that whilst our lives may not be perfect, we can still step towards our Nirvana and our dreams (the diamond).

So back to the earlier question ‘Once we find our diamond, where do we go from there?’

Well, we revel in the magnificence and joy of living consciously, and we celebrate our gifts by actually using them! Being slimmer or being in the right job does not make finding or holding the diamond any easier does it? Sometimes we have to embrace the Truth and realise that life is for living now! It takes courage mining for the diamond, and what lies in the darkness of the earth is beyond knowing, for we can never know what is around the next corner of life. Yet we have a choice, we can spend our lives waiting for a perfect moment that may never come, or we can stop pontificating and procrastinating, roll up our sleeves and get digging!

The time has come to step beyond fear and doubt as the controlling forces in life, and to realise that the diamond is always with us, we just have to believe, that’s all...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Every Second Counts

Today is a unique day. There will never be another day like it. Tomorrow is a day away and yesterday is already in the past, yet no day is the same; each is unique. Yet how many of us spend each unique day thinking about the next day, week, month or year rather than thinking about the present moment? How many of us ignore the present and focus on moving forward, pushing towards goals, plans or dreams hoping that life will become 'complete' once we have achieved them?

Whilst we have a good idea of where we'll be and what we'll be doing tomorrow and the day after that, the reality is that we can never be truly sure of what may happen between now and then. Whilst we all have plans, dreams and things to do, we never know what is around the next corner. Obviously we hope than any unexpected events or surprises are good ones, but even this is unknowable.

Yet, we all have goals, plans and dreams, and whilst we can never be sure what may happen in the next second, let alone the next month or year, we have a choice. We can either choose to follow our dreams and live every moment to the fullest in the process, or we can err on the side of caution, holding back until we find more certainty or clarity, or hoping that events will happen that will catapult us from where we are now to where we want to be. Sadly, the latter may mean a long wait, for we can never have a 100% guarantee when it comes to life, plans or dreams; for the Universe just isn't made that way.

So, do we choose to live life to the fullest, making the most of every moment, or do we allow ourselves to become paralysed in fear and indecision, afraid to take that leap of faith towards our dreams through fear that we may not reach our goal? When we think of things this way, who would willingly choose the latter?! Yet, how many of us do choose the latter every single day through our fears of stepping into the unknown or through a fear of living consciously in the present moment, surrendering to the Universal flow?

Of course, life carries no guarantees, but it seems so important to make a conscious choice as to how we want to live life. We can empower ourselves and embrace life fully, living each day as it comes, working towards our dreams and taking a chance that we might fail or we might just soar to new heights and to new joy creating abundance on all levels of our lives, or we can keep the proverbial apple cart in perfect balance afraid to dislodge even one apple through a fear of what may happen next. Even apples rot in time if they are left unturned...

Life is for living; it is not a rehearsal. Embracing life sounds so easy, but the reality can be somewhat harder. The reason for this is that every day is unique, and we can never know what's around the next corner! At the same time, life gets in the way! As humans we complicate things; we tie things in knots through over-thinking, and we get stuck in repeating patterns and cycles. In order to break free, we need to make a conscious choice to step beyond fear and to make the most of every single moment that life has to offer.

Remember, today is a unique day. There will never be another day like it. So, why not make the most of it and live consciously, awakened, and fully in the moment? Why not love life, live life and be life?